Sunday, 15 April 2012

Photo challenge!

Hey folks! Today Bec, Jane, and I had a craft day which was heaps of fun ^_^ I only made two granny squares though (slacker!) so I thought I would share with you my progress into the month of craft photos challenge, inspired by Robbie's wonderful photos for the same.

Here is the challenge list

I recently got a new photo app for my phone; I really wanted to get Instagram but it won't work on my cheap phone ; _ ; so I got Lightbox instead. I still really want to get Instagram (maybe on my next phone ...) but I thought I'd embrace the underdog and have some fun experimenting with all the different filters while completing this challenge. I've only done three so far!

This is my work-in-progress; a Crochet Today pattern (May/June 2010 for those that want to know) which is a re-print of a pattern from the 50s. My motifs are a bit smaller than the pattern advises (I'm using a thinner yarn, smaller hook, and have a quite tight tension) so I'll be making a few more than recommended. I've made four motifs so far, a bit of which you can see in the top corner. The motifs are joined as one does the final row which is an interesting method that I haven't done before.

This is my favourite drink ^_^ Bubble Tea! (I'm obsessed!). I used the fish-eye filter on this one which I think suits it quite well. This flavour was watermelon with green apple jelly and you can see that I had already drunk quite a bit before snapping this photo ~_^ You can also see a corner of my pirate skirt in the top corner ^_^

And this is something new - Octavia, my new Thumpy Thump (what a name, right?) Blythe Doll. She's very pretty and has awesome purple hair ^_^ The background is also new; it's a vintage tablecloth, but it's new to me! It has a lovely cross-stitched border.

How was your weekend? Want to join me in this photo challenge? ^_^

- Lisa x


BEESTLYproducts said...

i;m so glad you've joined! yay!!!!!

Tanya said...

I like it! I may do it, though I'm so lazy and unimaginitive I don't know if I'll be able to can keep it up -_-

Lisa said...

Thanks Robbie! I'm really enthused and hope that this will be a challenge that I actually finish! ~_^

Lisa said...

Oh, no, I wouldn't use those words to describe you at all! I think you should give it a go - no one will care if you skip a few days or upload late ^_^ And if you don't keep it up, well, you won't be the first person here to drop out of a challenge! ~_^

Rebecca said...

Who needs Instagram, your photos look great!
I may have to try this challenge next month. Damn you, and your inspirational qualities ;}

Lisa said...

Thanks Bec ^_^ But why wait? I started on Friday the 13th ... you can start whenever you want! ^_^