Sunday, 30 June 2013

Two more cowls

Hello! It's still quite cold here, so I've been spending my evening snuggled under at least three rugs while crocheting more cowls. Huzzah! Seriously, cowls are awesome. They don't fall off when you wear them, and they are so easy to make. A zombie could make a cowl; they are that easy. Coincidentally, I'd love to see a crocheting zombie.

Anyway, I found this lovely yarn which just screamed "make me into something!!" I feel like this yarn was a brave choice for me since I still have trouble with wearing more than one or two colours at a time (case in point: my outfit today consisted of black shoes, black tights, a black and white skirt, a black top, and a black cardigan. I'm not even kidding.)

I was going to do a wave stitch, but I kept making mistakes, which is not a bad thing in itself, but frogging this yarn was nigh on impossible! Trying to undo anything lead to snapping and therefore swearing and general unhappiness so I decided to try a basic treble mesh instead. I'm all about the simplicity, folks.

I think it worked out for the best though as I love how the colour graduation looks with the treble mesh  ^_^

This yarn is 30% wool and 70% acrylic and it is called Bouvardia. I used a 4mm hook and it is long enough to comfortably wrap around my neck twice.

Next up: another cowl. Using the exact same pattern. Hey, why stop when you're onto a good thing, right? ~_^

This yarn is called Helsinki and is also a blend of acyrlic and wool but it is much chunkier; I used a 11.5 mm hook for this cowl.

I love the kind of tweedy look this yarn has, and it's so soft and lovely to wear ^_^

Because it is so thick, it worked up very quickly. I love fast projects! ^_^

As you can see, the Helsinki has less drape than the Bouvardia; but it is also a bit warmer. Now I might need to start making some matching hats! I am going to bleach my hair soon (eeek!) in preparation for a new colour. I am kind of dreading have blonde hair for a week or so (nothing against you blondes, I just don't think it will suit my colouring!) but hopefully it will be worth it in the end ^_^

Any tips for hiding in-between-colours hair? Maybe I should invest in a snood? ~_^

- Lisa x


Rebecca said...

The Bouvardia (Who comes up with these names?) cowl is tres awesome, I love the colours and I think the stitch you ended up using looks great!
*Whispers into the wind* Bouvaaaaardiaaaaaa.

Lisa said...

It could be worse. *whispers back* Buuuuutttteeerrrr Leeecttuuuuceeee.

... or is that better? ~_^