Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ninja Time hoop, a flamingo WIP, and a birthday gift for Pip

Hey! Oh my gosh - how is it possible for a week to go by this fast?! I have my three final assignments due for uni next week! Eek!

But, let's procrastinate for a while and I'll show you what's been happening craftwise ... ~_^

Ninja Time embroidery hoop! Yay! This is another project for the Summer Nerd Games, inspired by Adventure Time. Bec made an awesome Pirate Time hoop, which you can also see on the thread ^_^

She's made almost entirely out of felt, but I did use metallic thread to make her shuriken since they are so tiny!

You may remember that a while ago I made a skirt out of the background fabric - I love it when I find a use for offcuts! And even though it's quite busy, I think it's perfect for some ninja-style hijinks! ~_^

I also changed the original Adventure Time sword into a katana ^_^
I wanted this project to be quick and easy, so while it's not my best work (I find making felt look polished and neat very tricky!) I am happy with how it turned out ^_^ And now I have another hoop for my wall!

I've also been working on this flamingo cross-stitch. It's slow going - I am *not* a skilled cross-stitcher, but I hope that I'll get it finished sometime this month.

I can't wait to show you the entire thing though; I think it's going to turn out rather sweet! ^_^

Now, this project is actually from the start of May (!) but I couldn't share it with you until it arrived safely at Pip's house for her birthday! And then I got lazy and just didn't do anything for an entire month ... ~_^

Bec and I conspired to make Pip a '50s style dress, using a fabric that she had mentioned liking; the fabric is of fancy French ladies and it's really lovely ^_^ I've got to confess - I was so pleased with how sneaky we were. Pip had no idea! Yay! Birthday surprises are the best! ^_^

Since Bec is the best at making dresses, I didn't do much apart from cut things out and follow her instructions ~_^ So I also made a little poodle brooch to go with the dress ^_^ I just used shrinky-dinks and a brooch baking, and it turned out really cute! I used some Eiffel tower washi tape to attach it to, and decorate, a little piece of card-stock.

Here's the whole gift, ready to be sent off! I also made the swing tag for the dress - which is possibly the biggest swing tag ever ~_^ The hair bow is also made with French-inspired fabric; I picked this up at a little market, but unfortunately forgot to note down the name of the lady who made it. Oops! >_<

And here's Pip in her dress! Yay! Doesn't she look wonderful?

  And that's it for me today! Back to the books ... I can't wait until study week; I'm going to craft my little heart out! ^_^

- Lisa xx


Flora and Paws said...


Your ninja is so sweet and I look forward to seeing your finished cross stitch. A handmade dress is a fab idea and it looks great too.

Lisa said...

Thanks Sara! I'm getting close on the cross-stitch - I can't wait til it's done!