Sunday, 3 July 2016

Life Lately

Hello! So, oh my gosh, I ended up taking a little more time off from blogging than I expected! I've still been crafting, so I have a few posts lined up to show you very soon, but first I thought I'd do a little catch up post (100% inspired by Hannah from In The Dress Up Box, btw!)

Eating: my latest food obsession is almond butter - I want it in and on everything! One of my favourite breakfasts is an almond butter and banana wrap - yum!

Drinking: a ton of caffeine! I maybe need to cut down a bit, but I can't deny it's helpful for those early mornings and late nights

Baking: Burger cake, soft pretzels, chocolate lollipops - all kinds of fun and new-to-me things!

Wearing: a rainbow of cardigans; it's very cold here so my knit collection is definitely getting a workout!

Buying: Records - I'm working on developing a little collection and I've mostly been buying new, but I'm keeping an eye out at op shops as well
Dreaming: Of my week of annual leave at the end of the month; relaxation, here I come!
Watching: a lot of roller derby bouts! The Great Southern Slam was on recently, so I did a lot of yelling and cheering at the computer screen as I watched online, but I've also been going to lots of bouts live. Roller derby is such an amazing sport and I admire each and every player
Reading: for pleasure! Being on uni break means that instead of reading journal articles, I'm catching up on comics and novels. If you're ever interested in what I'm reading, you can check out my Goodreads
Crocheting: I've been crocheting presents recently; I've made a baby hat, a cowl and mitt combo, and a mohawk beanie. It's fun to make things to gift to others, and I'll show you the photos soon!

Sewing: Conversely, I've only been sewing for myself. I've made a practical household item (it's a secret until I take photos to show you!) and am about 1/3 of the way through a cosplay.
Growing: lots of succulents! We had a terrarium crafternoon yesterday, so I wanted to be sure that I grew enough plants for everyone. Turned out I had waaayyy too many and spent the afternoon trying to push plants onto people like a succulent salesperson working on commission :P

Learning: glass soldering is my latest craft - I've made one terrarium vessel and I'm a bit hooked! I need to get hold of some more glass so I can practice some more (my seams are not the neatest at the moment!)
Doing: lots of skating! I am determined to do my assessment to move into the next training of roller derby at the end of this cycle (six weeks to go!!) so I've been really trying to nail those tricky skills. After a year and a half I've finally managed to jump over the row of cones, so I'm excited that my skills are (very slowly) improving ^___^


 - Lisa xx


Unknown said...

So much cuteness in this post. :D Love your hair color! Oh and good luck with the roller derby!

- Anna

Lisa said...

Thanks Anna! ^___^