Sunday, 10 July 2016

Terrarium Crafternoon

Hello! Making terrariums has been on my craft group's to-do list for a looong time - and this month we finally made them!

We ended up with 18 terrariums! (Two aren't pictured here because Boulder had to leave early, but don't worry, photos of her creations are below!) Most of our terrariums are open; you can decide for yourself if you think if they count as terrariums or not!

I loved this triangular vessel that Fran used for her terrarium; most of the plants in here are ones that I propagated, so it will be interesting to see how they look after growing a bit more!

Fran also made a garden within an Erlenmeyer flask! There is also a plastic skeleton inside, which makes it delightfully creepy

Miriam not only created the garden inside her terrarium, she also brought along a customised jar! Unfortunately it filled with condensation quite quickly, but you can kinda see one of the toy hippos that is enjoying life among the succulents.

Miriam's second terrarium features a very confused soldier discovering a dinosaur - due to the combination of plastic toys I brought along this was a common theme for our gardens!

Lara's terrarium is going to be a lush jungle when it grows some more! 

Rebecca's terrariums are both kinda creepy, with a skeleton and a Weeping Angel in each - aren't they great!?

Boulder's large terrarium has a TARDIS in it! I love the vessel she chose to use as well; it looks gorgeous.

You can also see her mini terrarium, with a LEGO Derby girl in it!

Dom's terrarium has an Ivysaur in it! I didn't realise that I didn't get close ups of all the terrariums, but Dom and Clara also created a fantastic terrarium with a Link figurine inside. They are totally convinced me that video game stores are a must before future terrarium creations.

I got this hanging glass orb as a Secret Santa gift last year so I was pleased to finally use it! It was quite difficult to plant in though, as the opening isn't very large which made getting the plants into position tricky. I added a little rock wall at the front to prevent soil and plants from escaping. Now I just need to add a hook somewhere in my home to hang it from!

This glass jar seems like it was just made to be a terrarium! I think deep vessel are definitely the way to go.

I think the next step is to get our group soldering our own terrarium vessels! :P 

- Lisa xx


Anne said...

Wow, they all look great! Love the personalised touches with the soldiers, dinosaurs. And Bec's is very Bec-ish :)

Lisa said...

Thanks Annie! Bec's terrariums really are perfectly her, aren't they? ^___^