Monday, 8 July 2013

Skeleton heart embroidery hoop

Since our team for the Summer Nerd Games decided on the geekdom "nerdy ladies", I have discovered that there are not that many crafts inspired by the feminine side of the nerdverse. Sad times. So, I've had to watch and read *study* a lot more TV shows and movies and books and comics to get inspiration. Such a hard task! ~_^ But, totally worth it. The textbook challenge for July is to make something anatomically inspired, and I had the perfect project waiting in the wings! ^_^

When I saw this shirt on Thea Queen (from Arrow), I knew that I had to do something inspired by it! Since I'm a student now (read: I have no money), I wanted to use materials from my stash and I wanted to do something fast and simple.

A hoopla was the winning answer! All I needed for this craft was some calico, black embroidery floss, and a 4 inch hoop - all things pulled from the black hole of craft supplies that is my spare room ~_^

 I used only one strand of floss and did the entire thing in backstitch. I think it turned out pretty well! And now I have another hoop to add to my wall ^_^

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you have a favourite female fictional character? Let me know! I've been missing our chats ~_^

- Lisa x


Tanya said...

that is freaking cool as. I quite often see something I like in a show but them promptly forget all about it. About time to rewatch some shows methinks! For research!

Lisa said...

Thanks Tanya! I am a tiny bit addicted to my smartphone, because I can use S Note and Evernote to record all those random moments of inspiration that I'd otherwise forget ... but I still recommend rewatching shows! ~_^