Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kitty mugs: round two!

Hello! I was hoping to have another craft finished to show you today (well, actually yesterday since this is late now ...) but instead I did some research (ugh, responsibility). So, instead ... MOAR KITTIES ^____^

These were actually the first kitty mugs I painted, but since they were for a gift, I couldn't show them to you. But they have now been gifted - yay! ^____^ I made these for my friend Philip for his birthday; Philip likes cats and visiting Japan so I made him some Japanese kitties!

I looked up some photos of traditional Japanese costume but, well, it's kinda hard to draw clothes on cats so they're probably not very accurate.


Each mug has konichiwa written on the back in Hiragana; which I don't read or write so, again, this may not be accurate! But Philip liked them, so I'm super pleased with that! I also made him a caramel sponge cake, but totally forgot to take a photo of it before we all devoured it. I'll just have to make it again some day! ^___^

And I also made this knitty kitty mug for my friend Catherine, for making me the awesome hand-dyed yarn in the photo! It's sooo beautiful! I haven't decided what to make from it yet, because I want to choose the perfect project ^____^

I've almost finished my other project, so I'll show you that next week! It's another Night Vale inspired craft, so I'm super excited to get it done ^____^ After that, I want to make something for my skating; I don't know what yet, but whenever I get excited about something, I want to craft for it! Any suggestions? ^____^

- Lisa xx


Amy said...

These are so cute! I just can't handle these little kitties ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Kat said...

So cute. And you should definitely do a caramel sponge cake post next time you make one!

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! They are rather sweet, aren't they? I was really glad Philip liked them too! ^___^

Thanks Kat, and you're totally right! More baking should definitely make it to this blog! (That I'd have to have cake is not a bad incentive either ~___^)