Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Polymer clay foods

Hello! It seems that Autumn has arrived today in my city! I woke up this morning to find cloudy grey skies and plenty of rain! I'm sure I'll grow tired of it soon, but right now it's a lovely novelty ^___^ One thing I love about cooler weather is that is really makes me want to crochet and knit! I've got a few projects on my list that will be perfect for rainy days, but lately I've been messing around with polymer clay. 

I made these peas in a pod, which has been done many, many times before by other people ... but look at those little faces! Eeep, they're so cute! I only had one colour of green clay, so I mixed some green and white together to make the lighter colour for the peas. The peas are made simply by rolling clay into three balls of the same size (or, well, same-ish size). For the pod I made a rectangle and wrapped it around the peas. I pinched the ends together and cut off the excess, and then smoothed everything on the back down. You have to do this carefully, because otherwise you might squash your peas! Once it was baked, I painted on the faces with black paint and a very tiny brush. I have made this one into a brooch ^___^

I added brooch backings to these two pieces of fairy bread as well, but I'm planning on wearing them as collar clips ^___^ I don't know if people in other countries eat fairy bread so, for the uninitiated, fairy bread is buttered white bread covered in sprinkles. It's a staple at children's parties, and good for invoking nostalgia in older Australians ~___^ To make these, I made a square with beige clay and then sliced it in half to make triangles. After it was baked, I used brown paint dabbed along the outside edges to make the crust. The butter is cream coloured puffy paint, and the sprinkles are from thin clay "snakes" that I baked and then sliced with a razor. If you sprinkle on the, uh, ... sprinkles while the paint is still wet, they will stick in place ^___^

Pancakes!! I am so in love with these pancakes. I made them by making three disks of beige clay, all about the same size. Rebecca made me a little nub of butter by making a little square of yellow clay. I baked the pancakes and butter separately and then glued them together with a mixture of dimensional magic and brown paint. I glued this onto a ring base so now I have a pancake ring just like Annika! It's kinda an enormous ring, but I love it ^___^

I also made these two toasts and a jammy dodger, but I'm not sure what I will make them into yet. I dabbed them with brown paint, the same as the fairy bread, to make crusts and give them a just baked look. The jam on the toasts and inside the biscuit is acrylic paint. The jammy dodger was baked in two pieces and then glued together with the paint.

And lastly, I made this zombie brain! It glows in the dark, which I think is pretty cool, but it still needs a little something-something. Time for some experimenting! (insert mad scientist laugh here)

I'll see you next week, hopefully with some crochet! ^___^

- Lisa xx


bekswhoknits said...

Fairy bread cardigan clips!!!! They would be absolutely adorable.
I'm definitely in team older australian nostalgia!

Lisa said...

Saaammmeee! I had such nostalgia when making those tiny fairy breads that I seriously considered buying some appropriate bread to make some! I think that they will probably have to make an appearance at the next crafty picnic ^___^

Amy said...

These are all so cute! I love using Polymer clay ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Kate said...

I've been sculpting up a storm over here too! Mind you it's rainy spring here in Canada...but it is always the right season for polymer clay. I LOVE your peas and REALLY a want to see the paintbrush you used for the faces. I've been struggling with painting small details on clay and wanted to ask someone who has mastered it (which it sure looks like you have!!). Seriously though - you could send me a pic of your brush through direct message on Instagram? I'd be eternally thankful!

And as you guessed - I've never heard of fairy bread but it sounds fun for kiddos! I mean who doesn't like sprinkles? My sister used to eat thousand islands salad dressing on plain rice cakes when we were kids. I think that is probably weirder and most definitely gross.

Lisa said...

Thanks Amy! Polymer clay is so fun to work with, isn't it? ^___^

You are totally correct Kate; polymer clay is perfect for all seasons! I definitely wouldn't say that I've mastered painting tiny things, but I have sent you a photo of my brush nonetheless! It's a Warhammer fine detail brush that I kinda stole from Scott ~___^ I think fairy bread is mostly an Australian thing ... but eating weird things as children is definitely universal! My brother used to eat polony, peanut butter, coffee, and honey sandwiches *shudder*